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The mission of the Music Ministry is to praise and glorify God through music and to minister to the souls of parishioners in a manner that brings peace and joy to the worship service.

The Music Ministry consists of four regular choirs and two that perform on special Sundays:

  • The Senior Choir manifests God’s Word as they sing anthems, hymns and spirituals.
    Rehearsal time - Every second Saturday at 11 a.m.
  • The Mass Choir advances the kingdom of God as they sing contemporary gospel, hymns and spirituals. They also accompany the pastor on preaching engagements at local churches and surrounding areas.
    Rehearsal time – Every fourth Saturday.
  • The Gospel Choir glorifies God as they make a joyful noise unto the Lord with the drum, the guitar, the saxophone and the dynamic voices of its committed members.
    Rehearsal time - Every first Saturday
  • The Children’s Choir includes youngsters between the ages of 3-18 years of age who are learning to glorify God through music.
    Rehearsal time – Every third Saturday.
  • The Men’s Choir / Women’s Choir will sing for special events and during the summer when the Children’s Choir does not perform.

Choir Worship Service schedule

  • 1st Sunday - Gospel Choir
  • 2nd Sunday - Senior Choir
  • 3rd Sunday - Youth Choir
  • 4th Sunday - Mass Choir
  • 5th Sunday - Varies depending on the event/service